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Software Engineering

Extensive experience fulfilling our customers’ needs, using the best practices

Web Development

We know that the correct web solutions will deliver results for your business.

We can help with design and development using Java, NodeJS, ReactJS and Angular.


Mobile Development

We are developing mobile applications for the iOS and Android platforms.

For that we’re using Native Development frameworks or Cross platform development platforms like React Native and Flutter.

Data Engineering

Our purpose is to make life easier, by sharing knowledge and delivering solutions that enable companies to understand data better.

We have experience working both on-premise and with cloud platforms like Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure.

Technologies we use:

We recognize that technology changes – what we do this week might not even be the same as what we do next month – let alone next year. What doesn’t change are the fundamental principles of software engineering.

Much of what we do on a day-to-day basis is solving problems and learning. While the presented tools and technology are what we use now, we are open to expanding our knowledge and scope of technologies.

About us

Our team, your (development) support, at a glance

Building a mutual and long-lasting collaborative relationship is rare for most business organizations and individuals.

It is hard for most companies to produce sufficient results, make decisions effectively, and finish every growth phase in time to meet all deadlines.

Considering our experience, we are an ally in that sense, as we can bring the needed technical support and knowledge straight to you in a timely manner.

From the first spark of an idea through entire development process, we will assist you and take of those jobs you’d expect us to – taking care of the groundwork so you can focus on creating your own vision.

How do we do it?

Latest agile approach

Scrum / Kanban / Lean

Industry-standard (code) collaboration and project tracking tools

JIRA, Confluence, Slack, Teams, Zoom, Gitlab, Bitbucket

Project delivery teams

Project managment, Product managment, Architecture, development, testing, support & maintenance

Transparent time and cost tracking tools

Clockify, JIRA

We've worked with all sorts of clients

We're proud to still be working with many of the same people who hired us in our early days.

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