Ananas: eCommerce Platform

Ananas: eCommerce Platform

Project Details

Having a vision of becoming the marketplace leader in an e-commerce industry in our region, has faced many challenges as they grew. For instance, always trying to be up to date with the business needs of their users, working on improving the application performances and optimizing their platform for the large number of users that make purchases, all while adding new features to the list.

With a constantly increasing number of users, sometimes it requires changes to be made quickly, in order to respond to their requests and needs.

These technical challenges were mostly on the Front-end side, where Sally Engineering enrolled a team of software engineers to work on related issues. The partnership is still active and growing, while providing a mutual collaboration and helping Ananas to succeed with their goal of becoming the #1 marketplace regionally.

ClientAnanas E-Commerce
SkillsReact.js, Next.js
ManagerBela Klašnja