Sādu – Live Consciously

About the Client

Sādu is an environmental and social governance (ESG) solution for companies of any size that want to take their first steps towards sustainability. The mobile app leverages smartwatches and fitness trackers to connect a sense of personal well-being to the climate crisis, giving companies the ability to reward health and fitness commitments with trees planted in global reforestation projects.

Soon anyone who uses Sādu will be able to reduce their environmental impact by monitoring their daily activities, either by a change of habits or direct investment in a sustainability project.


ClientSadhu Inc
IndustryHealth & Environment
SkillsAWS (RDS, Elastic Beanstalk, S3), Spring Boot, React Native
ManagerBrittany Salas

The Problem Sādu Faced

As an early-stage startup with no internal tech team, Sādu needed a development partner that could meet a challenging list of requirements – a proven track record in idea-to-production product development, breadth and versatility in terms of skills, scalability in terms of team size, and agility in the face of the highly dynamic startup world.


The Solution Sally Engineering Provided

Sally Engineering was initially contracted to develop the Sādu mobile application for iOS in three months, which we successfully did. The partnership has quickly expanded to encompass the development of an Android version and additional functions.

The application for Android and iOS has been in production since June 2021 and is used by dozens of people. We communicated, shared flexibility, and tried to be as involved as possible in the whole journey, and once the product was launched, continuing to be active in every aspect of their workflow, maintaining the growth. Simply put, Sally Engineering is the tech force behind the Sādu product.

Phases of project


Introduction - Discovery

In the beginning, we get acquainted with the documentation, project requirements, business dynamics, and the goals and objectives to understand the project needs and limitations.



Based on the data gathered, we structure a developmental road map and decide on the technology stacks needed to develop a solid foundation for fast feature iterations, stable scaling, and smooth integration.



Strategic structural design that supports the software usability and integrates your brand style into the digital medium. The 1st version of the product design was created by our client (using Figma).



Take Action - Development

The development process and approach are defined by the project scope and requirements. We are no strangers to Agile, Lean or Waterfall methods – as software engineers, we build for structure, quality, and meaning. We start with a kick-off meeting and a detailed introduction of our team members and the client’s. The development phase is put into place for two weeks while the agreed functions are delivered and tested.


Testing, QA & launch

The QA team tests each feature based on the outlined requirements. Inconsistencies are noted and sent back to the development team for resolution. Each project iteration goes through an intensive testing procedure before it goes live.


Ongoing upgrades & Maintenance

Post-launch, we offer programs to ensure your product is always up-to-date and continues to evolve. There are no limits to our creativity. Just milestones in our progress.



  • Infrastructure: AWS (EC2, S3, RDS etc.)
  • Database: PostgreSQL
  • Backend: Java (Spring Boot)
  • Frontend: React Native